Know The Types Of Loan Before Selecting The Right One


We can face financial speed bumps anytime, and we may face a situation when our bank account is drained out of cash. Asking your friends and relatives for frequent monetary help might jeopardize your equations with them. Instead, you can apply for instant personal loan online through the functional app of your preferred bank or financial firm. This is the most convenient method of borrowing funds by many professionals these days, as you don’t have to go through rigorous scrutiny of documents and credit score metrics, contrary to the traditional loan system.

Even if you need that instant money, being aware of the categories of loans and their pros and cons is very important, as the eligibility criteria itself will alter your financial status in the long run.

Secured loan

A loan that is backed by an asset is called a secured loan. You can get a loan for the asset’s value using your house, gold, or other valuable assets. Until the loan is repaid, the bank or financial institution that provided the loan will continue to hold the purchase. Banks accept real estate, automobiles, securities, jewels, and other valuables with high financial worth as collateral. Borrowers often receive cheaper interest rates and more lenient loan terms with secured loans. Due to the certainty of repayment on collateral-backed loans, they are often less risky for lenders.

However, there can be occasions when you need help to make the EMI payment. A secured loan lender has the legal right to seize the collateral if you don’t pay your EMIs on time. This is done for the lender to get the money you borrowed from them back.

Illustrations of secured loans

  • Mortgages
  • Housing loans
  • Car loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Credit line for a home equity

Unsecured loan

No collateral is necessary for unsecured loans, like credit cards, student loans, and personal loans. Lenders are ready to take on more risk in this sort of finance because there is no asset to recover from in the event of a default. Interest rates have increased as a result. Secured loans may still be available to you even if you are rejected for unsecured credit; however, you must possess something valuable to put up as collateral.

Your capacity to repay the debt is the first factor the creditor considers when approving your loan. This is achieved, among other things, by looking over your bank account statements and CIBIL score. An unsecured loan will be simpler to get if you have a consistent source of income. Lenders take into account both your current debts and your monthly income. Thanks to this information, they can accurately determine your ability to repay the loan. Short-term loans, like salary loan, are the norm for unsecured loans. Unsecured loans are the best option for those who need to borrow money but lack the necessary collateral.

Any instant personal loan app that provides loans right away can be used.

Various unsecured loan examples

  • Bank cards
  • Individual loans
  • Education loans
  • Unsecured business loans
  • Travel loan 

Both loans are excellent in their own right, but if you require an advance loan in a hurry, it is preferable to choose an unsecured loan rather than go through the arduous secured loan application process.

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