Improved Spaces Comfort with Hunter Industrial Fans


Fans have a significant advantage in spaces improving the airflow and safety of the various spaces in which they get installed. Making the proper fan type selection is quite beneficial to achieve the personalized need of installing the fan in the first place. Additionally, getting a professional fan professional gives an added advantage over getting the right fan type and installation, which matches the specific needs of the various spaces in which they get installed. The aviation world isn’t an exception when it comes to fan installations, as they also come in handy to make the hangar spaces functional for the various purposes of their construction.

Industrial fans are beneficial in reducing building utility costs and reducing the strain on the HVAC systems. The benefits improve the life of the HVAC systems and make them more cost-effective than not having an industrial fan installed within the building. Regardless of being in a warmer or colder climate, the fans have a massive advantage with an upward cooling effect of up to ten degrees, making them function well in warm weather conditions. The ultimate result is maintaining the workers’ safety and happiness within harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, during cold weather conditions, the fans prevent birds from nesting within the hangar, ensuring property maintenance of the whole system.

Benefits of industrial hunter fans

Hangar fans have numerous benefits in the industry as they aim to improve the safety and functionality of the hangars for the dwellers and the birds. The fans are AMCA certified; hence one is guaranteed to get airflow within their space safely that doesn’t expose the workers to any risks. Also, the fans come with a limited lifetime warranty which guarantees their functionality and continued assistance in case of system challenges. The warranties further enhance the commitment to safety and satisfaction of the clients that seek industrial fans satisfied with the services that they benefit from. Also, whether a big or a small hangar, there is a fan that fits and functions perfectly to achieve the various objectives of having fans. The different kinds of climatic conditions and the number of aircraft within the hangar get considered when choosing and installing the industrial fans to ensure that individuals benefit from the ones that offer maximum support and satisfaction. The industrial fans experts work closely with their clients to develop a fan plan that brings safety and peace of mind to the hangar owners making them not have to worry about the safety of their workers and birds.

Different kinds of hangar fans

Titan HVLS fan

The Titan HVLS fan aids in providing widespread airflow facilities to help reduce hangar operational costs. The hangar fans get well installed and use a direct drive motor technology well designed for the HVLS market hence energy efficient with the highest air flow quality. On the structure of the fan, the Titan HVLS fan has a structural-grade steel blade holder, which ensures a secure fit with an excellent blade pitch at every given time. Additionally, hangar owners can paring the hangars with any Hunter’s digital Power using Ethernet HVLS controller options which enhances the safety and performance of the facilities they get installed. Also, the fans come with an adjustable Downrod, a telescoping design that comes in three different lengths from 2ft to 10ft, assuring customers that the fans fit perfectly in their spaces.


If the primary reason for having a fan is to keep the hangar occupants productive and comfortable, then the ECO HVLS hangar fans are the choice. The fans offer a quiet and energy-efficient airflow that meets the needs of most industries due to their various benefits, including plug-n-play technology and exceptional performance. The fans come at an economical price with a direct-drive motor and blades expertly designed by aerospace engineers. Additionally, the fans come with lightweight components, which further makes the ECO HVLS fan effective in improving the facility’s environment where they get installed. Additionally, customers can pair the ECO HVLS fan with any Hunter’s digital fan through an Ethernet HVLS controller, which offers a rich solution to the environments in which they get installed.

XP HVLS fan 

The XP HVLS hangar fans are easy to install and highly efficient, working perfectly for an all-year-round utility cost saving. The fans come engineered with industrial components and a direct drive motor, making them quite functional in the various industrial spaces they get installed in. The fans come with various components, including a 2′ rigid mount downrod using a US supply voltage standard of 120V. The fan is the perfect option for tighter spaces that require the benefits of HVLS but don’t have the space to accommodate more giant fans and lack the need for guy wires. The fans come with a redundant safety system which makes them safe for the spaces in which they get installed.

JAN fan

JAN fans come as some of the most trusted and energy-efficient fans in the industry, having earned its reputation for automotive and heavy industrial applications. The hangar fans offered superior quality and excellent customer service over the period it was introduced into the market, having been engineered to achieve the highest durability level and come easy to maintain. The durability has been proven over time within the most rigorous circumstances and is available in safety yellow and silver. The various input voltages that the fans come with include AC 1PH 115V 60HZ and AC 1PH 240V 60HZ and various mounting options such as the ceiling, wall, I-beam, C-Channel, pedestal, and articulating arm. The fan has two control options which include 2-speed Pull Chain Switch and 2-speed Rocker Switch with critical features including interchangeability, energy-saving modules, and quick-release cage clips for cleaning.

Trak Fan

The Trak fan is a modern commercial hangar fan that offers style and durability. The fan gets built with a commercial-grade motor and extruded aluminum blades, providing durability and maximum airflow to large open-air spaces. The fan comes in four sizes and a three-year motor warranty making it ideal for open-concept spaces and lofts.

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