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How to get a new electricity connection in India?

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Considering electricity is one of the necessary conditions that is required and demanded by all citizens of the nation, and even the government of India is promoting electricity supply with several policies and initiatives, this is becoming a huge query on how to get an electricity connection. The most important source from where people can get electricity connection is TNEB online payment. It doesn’t matter from where you’re getting an electricity connection; you can always pay the electricity bill payment, whether it’s NBPDCL bill payment or any other.

Nowadays, the procedure is easy for getting an electricity connection in India. It is as follows –

  1. On the electrical department’s website, register your cellphone number with an OTP.
  2. Fill out the application and connection information, then click “save as draft.”
  3. If necessary, edit the information supplied and then save the form by selecting “edit and save.”
  4. Submit self-attested papers in pdf format with a maximum file size of 2MB.
  5. Following attaching your papers, make a note of your application number and transaction ID to make a Rs 150 payment.
  6. Please keep in mind that this is a non-refundable cost. Therefore make repeated payments to avoid payment failure.
  7. Use the Application Number and Transaction ID to make a payment. After you’ve made your payment, click “FINAL SUBMIT.” For reference in the future, a notification number will be issued to your registered mobile phone.
  8. On your registered cellphone number, you will get an email and SMS.
  9. An email and SMS will be issued to your registered cellphone number, instructing you to attend the office in person or send a representative with all original papers uploaded.

This is how you can get an electricity connection, but when it comes to making the electrical connection or electricity bill payment, then you can do it by sitting at home only. You can pay the bill with the help of using different payment apps like Paytm, Freecharge, and many others, but the most prominent and recommendable one is Airtel Payment Bank.

For instance, you can make the Tamil Nadu electricity bill payment or any other electricity payment with the help of Airtel Payment Bank. It will also provide you with additional benefits like discounts, next-time offers, and many others.

Airtel Payment Bank is one of the prominent and significant sources among many sources to make the payment for electricity connection or a bill because it provides you with significant benefits that can help you at the time of next payment. It doesn’t matter for what you’re making the payment.

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