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Factors That Influence The Approval Of A Personal Loan

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When it comes to unsecured loans, people generally believe that their credit score is the only important thing with which they can avail loans easily. In terms of personal loans, your credit score plays a big part, but it isn’t the only factor lenders consider when approving you.

So you need to keep all the factors in check before applying for a personal loan through the loan apps in India, as it can increase your chances of availing of a loan. But, of course, nobody wants to get denied a loan when they are in need.

It’s beneficial to comprehend some of the important aspects lenders consider when considering whether to approve you for a loan so that you won’t be disappointed by an unexpected rejection. Obviously, one of the most important deciding elements is your credit score, since it offers a wealth of information about your borrowing habits. However, there are other factors like income, outstanding debts, employment history, existing loan applications, etc., considered by personal loan lenders when determining whether to grant you a loan or not.

Let us examine each factor in greater detail so that you know precisely what the lenders need from you when you want a loan.


Banks and other lenders verify whether a borrower can repay the amount borrowed or not. You need to show proof of your income to be approved for a loan, whether you are self-employed or an employee. Additionally, your income is essential. Tax returns and business statements are crucial to a business. Personal income is verified using offer letters, bank statements, and payslips. Before applying, make sure you have the required documentation.

Outstanding debts

Many of us already have debts be it credit cards, mortgages, vehicle loans, etc. When you apply for a personal loan, the lenders want to ensure that you will be able to return it. Lenders will evaluate the risk of granting you a personal loan based on your payment history and any unpaid debt. The lender may decline your request for a loan if they discover a pattern of missed payments or conclude that you have far too much debt to repay another loan efficiently. Instead, they might give you a personal loan with more excellent interest rates than you had anticipated.

Repayment record

Do you regularly make your payments on time? It will be advantageous for you regarding interest rates and loan acceptance if you have a sturdy repayment history. When lenders learn that you have been consistent with your payments, they will likely offer you a reduced interest rate.

Are you applying for multiple loans recently?

Credit scores are pulled every time you apply for credit. Lenders can use the number of inquiries on your credit report to determine how much credit you’ve sought. A hard inquiry is documented on your credit report each time you apply for credit, for example, when you do so for a credit card, personal loan, or mortgage.

Understanding the criteria lenders use to decide who to lend money to will help you position yourself for instant loan approval.

Personal loan apps can offer you a loan with minimal documentation in a few minutes.

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