6 Things You Must Know About Refer and Earn Program


In the dynamic realm of online trading, m.Stock by Mirae Asset emerges as a beacon of innovation and opportunity. The Refer and Earn program offered by this platform opens the doors to a world where investors reap financial rewards and also share them with other individuals.

Join us as we delve into the six key aspects that make m.Stock by Mirae Asset’s Refer and Earn initiative is a game-changer in the landscape of online brokerage and demat accounts.

  • The Easy Steps to Rewards

Opening an m.Stock app Refer and Earn account is the first step towards unlocking the rewards. Once you have your account, simply refer friends and family to m.Stock. When your referral opens a zero-brokerage account, you’re in for a treat – a referral reward of Rs. 555 credited to your m.Stock account within 24 hours.

  • Lifelong Benefits for the Referred

Your referred acquaintance gains access to a world of financial advantages. With zero brokerage for life on various products like intraday, delivery, IPO, and currency trades, they can dive into the market without worrying about transaction costs. The added benefit of utilizing m.Stock’s eMargin facility at low-interest rates starting from 6.99% enhances its trading potential.

  • Unlimited Referral Rewards

For the referrer, there are no bounds to the rewards. Earn Rs. 555 every time someone you refer opens a zero brokerage account. The sky’s the limit – refer an unlimited number of friends and loved ones to the m.Stock zero brokerage account and watch your rewards grow.

  • Swift Payouts, Swift Trading

The excitement doesn’t end with referrals; the rewards are processed and credited within 24 hours of your referee opening their account. This swift payout ensures you can enjoy the fruits of your referral efforts without unnecessary delays.

  • Demystifying the Demat Account Advantage

Opening an m.Stock demat account online holds numerous advantages for both the referrer and the referee. For the referrer, it means a secure and streamlined way to manage a diverse range of financial instruments. The referee, on the other hand, enjoys a seamless trading experience, from zero brokerage privileges to access to advanced trading tools within the m.Stock trading app.

  • Streamlined Financial Experience

The benefits of the Refer and Earn program extend beyond immediate rewards. It fosters a community of informed and engaged investors, promoting knowledge-sharing and camaraderie. Simultaneously, the demat account elevates the overall financial experience by providing secure storage, efficient transactions, and reduced reliance on paperwork.

Elevate Your Trading Experience with m.Stock by Mirae Asset

As you delve into the world of online trading, m.Stock’s Refer and Earn program emerges as a beacon of rewards and benefits. It’s not just about earning Rs. 555 per referral; it’s about empowering investors. With the demat account at the core of this initiative, investors can enjoy a secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly approach to managing their financial portfolios. Join the movement, start referring, and elevate your trading experience with m.Stock by Mirae Asset.

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