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5 Reasons Why both You and Your Puppy must Love Dog Treats

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Haven’t you noticed a boundless joy dawning on your puppy or dog’s face at the sight of yum yum chewies or treats? Who wouldn’t agree with this? It’s a reward your pet craves and helps greatly in training them to be disciplined and nice. These golden treats are brownie points awarded to your beloved puppy or dog for being a good fella and they act as an encouragement for your pet to continue with the same attitude, buying itself some more feasts.

Doggie treats can be used for several reasons:

Behavioural Training

Your fluffy puppy or dog can be taught a bagful of tricks and important behaviours while this treat trophy is in your hand. It also comes in handy when it comes to poop training. Usually, the treats are given in small dry portions, especially during long training sessions.

Comfort Treats

They can be given once in a while to keep your teeny-weeny puppy or dog busy, especially peanut butter treats or bone treats (note: not made of real bones). They can spend hours gnawing them, which particularly helps a pup who is teething. Keep in mind that the size, texture, and hardness should be suitable for your pet’s strength.

Health Purpose

Your pet friends also require adequate nutrients similar to you to keep them as fit as a fiddle. Instead of going for pet supplements at the pet store, you can choose a healthy alternative like healthy functional wholesome treats that support maintaining a good diet. A range of treats made of beef, fish, goat, chicken, lamb, pork, etc. is sold by pet food vendors.

Indulgent Treats

Options available in this section are aplenty – long chewer, medium, low-fat, and so on. Pick the ones that don’t disturb your pet’s diet routines and see if any vegetarian, free from gluten/grains, or grass-fed items can satisfy its tingling taste buds. While keeping the diet consisting of the required nutritional needs, of course.  Taking refuge in top rated pet insurance would put to rest many of your apprehensions on unfavourable outcomes of excessive indulgences.

Additional Benefits

You can also use the treat as a bait to make your dog swallow a vet prescribed pill, plus certain treats can aid in cleaning its teeth and improving digestion.

You need to be extra cautious while choosing one at the store since it may contain elements that are detrimental to your pet’s health. For example, cheese treats are heavy on calories and too many fatty foods can lead to obesity. This is no good, whether it is for humans or pets; it can lead to all sorts of complications like diabetes, pancreatitis, joint dislocation, etc.

The most disastrous puppy or dog treats are rawhide chews, real bones, sugar or artificially flavoured ones, as well as those high in starch. Many human foods are also unhealthy, or poisonous at worst. Checking a brochure of pet insurance prices will help you explore your best medical care options to handle an illness or obstruction if something goes wrong.

Anyway, buying the best dog treat boils down to buying something safe, healthy and palatable. Knowing your puppy’s or dog’s preferences will amplify its delight a million times more. You can buy treats that are dry and can be stored for a longer time, a hack to remember so that you don’t run out of stock in times of your pet’s obsession and compulsion. At the end of the day, a happy and healthy pet is what you would like to return home to.

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